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Your Help Required


This site is a major project, the results of which are freely available to all. However, it is very time consuming and sometimes difficult to find the information and photos to include on the site. Like most people, I only have limited time and funds available to spend on projects such as this and YOUR help would be greatly appreciated - this isn't an appeal for funds but help in other ways. If you enjoy the site and find it useful, then maybe you'd consider putting something back into it by helping to improve what is aimed to be the ultimate BMW Motorcycle Information Site by sharing your knowledge with all. The ways you can help are listed below and if you have any other suggestions, they will be taken on board and maybe included in the future.

Chassis Numbers

Finding the later chassis numbers is difficult - if you have access to any that aren't currently listed on the site, PLEASE let me have the information. These numbers are on the BMW parts CD's but I've as yet, had no luck in accessing the databases to get at them - if anyone (including BMW) could show me a way to do this, I'd be eternally grateful!!

Colour Schemes

Detailed information and photos of all the Colour Schemes from over the years will take me years to acquire but your help could make all the difference. To be of any use, I require good, side-on photos of the complete machine, front and rear mudguards, side panels, fairing, fuel tank and seat surround where appropriate - these photos need to be good close ups showing any pin striping etc. and MUST be of original paintwork or a known accurate paint job. Colour name and code number along with the colour scheme number (under seat) must also be available to make the information of any use. If you have an original machine in a scheme that isn't already included, please help.

Machine Photos

Good side on photos of any machine from 1923 to the present are always welcome. To be of use, the machine must be reasonably standard - please also include the model designation and colour name if you know it.

Other Photos

Please send any BMW photos that you feel may be of use or interest

Model Information

If you come across any model information that isn't already included on the site, please let me know. As far as I'm aware, all production models are currently included but over the years, there have been many prototype machines and limited productions of racing machines etc. I'd appreciate any information of this sort that you may have (including photos etc) so that it can be included in due course.

Colour Charts

If you have any colour charts from over the years, a copy for inclusion on the site would be appreciated.

Price Lists

If you have any old or current prices lists, please send me a copy.

Recall Notices

If you have any old recall notices for any BMW models, I'd appreciate a copy for display

1991 R100

I've been sent some information from the US regarding BMW producing and selling around 500 Mono-Shock R100's (unfaired) in the US. I've no information on these and BMW themselves do not list any such thing - anyone out there have any information on this????? HELP! I now have information that suggests 181 of these machines were sold in the US - does anyone know of any others worldwide??

Financial Donations

Many thanks to all of you who continue to supply information and photos for inclusion on this site and to all of the visitors who visit to gain an insight into the wonderful world of BMW - it's the continuing popularity of this place that gives me the enthusiasm to continue building and maintaining the information but........the downside of the popularity and high usage is the cost of the bandwidth involved - it is becoming expensive. Unfortunately, the advertising is now an essential part of keeping this place running. I will continue to maintain the site regardless but your donations would help - there is no obligation whatsoever but if you feel the site has been a help, you may just feel like leaving a small financial contribution to help with the maintenance. If you do, you can contribute by either PayPal or CC here.



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