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BMW Pin Striping


In Progress (Permanently!)

Schemes 01 - 50 Schemes 51 - 100 Schemes 101 - 150 Schemes 151 - 200 Schemes 201 - 250 Schemes 251 - 300 Schemes 301 - 350 Schemes 351 - 400 Schemes 401 - 450 Schemes 451 - 500 Schemes 501 - 550 Schemes 551 - 600 Schemes 601 - 650 Schemes 651 - 700 Schemes 701 - 750 Schemes 751 - 800 Schemes 801 -850 Schemes 851 - 900 Schemes 901 - 950 Schemes 951 - 1000

Paint Codes can be very confusing but as I understand it, each colour has it's Paint Code number which may or may not be the same as the Scheme Code; the Scheme Code relates to the overall scheme (i.e. Polaris with Stratos Silver paint and grey pinstripes). The Scheme Code is normally to be found somewhere under the seat on the rear mudguard.

  Pin Stripe Dimensions

Below is a copy of a letter received by Francseco Taticchi from BMW Archives regarding pin stripe dimensions. It clearly relates to a 1982 R100CS but is probably also valid for most Airheads

I measured a 1980 BMW R 100 CS from our collection and here is what I found:

(wide line / space between the lines / thin line):

Fuel tank: 3.5-4mm / 3mm / 1.5-2mm

Seat fairing: 2mm / 1.5-2mm / 1.5mm

Front fairing: 2mm / 2mm / 1.5mm

Front mudguard (only one line): 2mm

We hope this is helpful for you.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Harz

BMW Group Archiv


This new section is in it's infancy and content is minimal The idea is to list (and show, where possible) the machine colour and the colours of the appropriate pin stripes (if any) in relation to each Colour Scheme Code. This will be a long term project and your help will be appreciated - if you have a currently unlisted machine with it's original Scheme Code (normally found under the seat on the rear mudguard), please send me  a good side-on photo of the complete machine and include as much information as possible such as model, year, colour and most importantly, the colour scheme number which can be found on the rear mudguard. If you are restoring a machine, please don't take these details as Gospel unless there is an appropriate photo to see - in many cases, the parts CD isn't very clear as to whether a scheme has one or two pinstripes.

Because of the likely large file size of the finished product, I've split it into various sections linked above by Colour Scheme Codes. Just click the section with the Colour Scheme Code that you're looking for.

If your colour scheme isn't listed here then I don't have the information.



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