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Miscellaneous BMW Photos  

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Ted Simon with the GS that his second Round the World trip was completed on - photo taken at the UK Horizons Unlimited Travellers meeting June 2005. Ted's new book on this trip, 'Jupiters Return', should be available early next year.
Ted Simon photo Ted Simon photo Ted Simon photo

BMW R75/6 Special built by Angelo D'amarto in the 1980's

BMW R75/6 Special photo


R1150 Adventure Trans America World Record Breaker ridden by Kevin & Julia Sanders

BMW R1150GS Adventure Trans America World Record breaker photo

BMW Grinnell Trike

BMW Grinnell Trike photo

BMW Grinnell Trike

BMW Grinnell Trike photo

Stef Hegyi's K75 fitted with an Ongar Fairing

K75 fitted with Ongar RS Fairing photo

A rare beast. Stef Hegyi's K75 fitted with an Ongar RS fairing. This fairing was specially made in small numbers by Ongar Motorcycles in the UK based on the R/RS fairing with special lowers to fit the K Series

K75 fitted with Ongar RS Fairing photo

K75 fitted with Ongar RS Fairing photo

K75 fitted with Ongar RS Fairing photo

Below are photos of the last remaining machine from a batch of K100's that were specially built by BMW in Germany for the Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group. The machines are a K100 with specially modified K100RT lower fairing panels and a K75C headlamp cowling. This machine served with the SEG from 1988 until its retirement in 1997. Photos are courtesy of Kurt Anderssen.

BMW K100 SEG Special Photo BMW K100 SEG Special Photo BMW K100 SEG Special Photo
Mike Krauser on a racing outfit

Few riders using Krauser panniers on their machines realise that Mike Krauser, who designed them, was a successful racer. In 1956 he raced a banking sidecar similar to the design used before the war by a famous British racer, Freddie Dixon. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

BMW R47's



Joseph Steltzer and Karl Zall in 1927 with their winning R47's. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Geoff Duke on a works Rennesport


Geoff Duke, one of the greatest racers ever, on a works Rennesport. Alas, it was not a successful pairing.

Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Max Friz Photo

Doctor of Engineering Max Friz joined Rapp as Chief Design Engineer in 1914. His speciality was designing aircraft. When Rapp combined with Otto and became BFW he continued to design aeroplanes but the end of the war meant there was no longer any need for these. He maintained his involvement, though, and in 1919 designed a BMW engined aircraft that achieved a world altitude record of 32,000 feet (9,754 metres). He designed a butterfly valve for this engine which gave it the edge over its competitors. Friz designed both the six and twelve cylinder aircraft engines and these set a total on ninety eight world records. He then brought his considerable talents as an aircraft designer to bear on motorcycles. Not satisfied with the Helios' engine, he designed the first ever BMW motorcycle, the R32, a machine that was the forerunner of all air cooled BMW twins to this day. His contribution to the success of BMW was incalculable and he was a 'motorcycle constructor' from the beginning of his involvement with BMW until his retirement in 1945. In that time he was responsible for many of the brilliant innovations introduced by BMW. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Georeg MeierPhoto


Fifty years after winning the Senior TT, George Meier returned to the Isle of Man. This was not his winning machine for the rubber gaiters give it away as a post war version. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Martin Stolle on a Victoria



Martin Stolle, who with Max Friz was the father of the M2B15 engine. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

A Flink Photo

The Flink (Speedy) - the original involvement of BMW's predecessors in motorcycling. Built in 1920, it was the first motorcycle of the BMW company. The design of the machine equipped with a 148cc single cylinder, two stroke engine came from the Berlin engineer Curt Hanfland. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

BMW Bicycle Photo

The first post WW2 BMW bicycle made from scrap metal. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Royal Sidecar

The Deutche Reichpost used a special sidecar made by Royal. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

Martin Stolle with a Douglas

Martin Stolle with his mechanics and the first ever M2B15 motor in a Douglas frame. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

The famous factory photo

BMW Factory 1923

A very early factory photo - most likely 1923 as the R32's have no front brake. Courtesy of Bruce Preston

BMW Rennesport photo

The Rennesport of Ed La-Belle (USA) seen in the paddock in the Isle of Man, June 1959

BMW Rennesport photo


Dickie Dale with his Rennesport in the Isle of Man in 1959

High Resolution Photos

Due to large file sizes these will be slow to download

Mike Krauser BMW R32 Factory BMW Works Rennesport
Highly modified R75/5 belonging to RB (USA)

Highly modified R75/5

Highly modified R75/5 belonging to RB (USA)

Highly modified R75/5

Well loaded R100GSPD belonging to Singaporean Mike Fong during his two year RTW trip

Mike Fong and R100GSPD


Ken's Special below: This custom started life as a 1961 R50. Engine mods. include, Bowman lightened alloy flywheel, R69S pistons w/ lightweight wrist pins, polished and balanced R69S crank, flowed heads, Delorto 32 mm pumper carbs., sport cam and valve springs, Bowman deep oil pan and polished billet velocity stacks. Other modifications are; Hoske 8.5 liter tank, Police headlight bucket (no speedo), NOS Albert long reach mirror,  New Old Stock VDO cam driven tachometer, Benelli Toronado 4 leading shoe front brake, Custom built up forks from /6 legs, upside-down upper and lower triple trees machined & polished from / 5 components, final drive and transmission custom machined & lightened, Magura Rennsport clip-ons, Borrani alloy rims, S.S. spokes and nipples, wild fabricated rear sets, alloy fenders, R69S headers with Norton mufflers, custom cafe' seat, Domiracer taillight, Koni shocks, electric's and controls a combination of Bosch and Magura, Metzler ME77 tires and finished with Glasurit paint. FAST, BEAUTIFUL and VERY RELIABLE

BMW Special photo BMW Special photo BMW Special photo
BMW Special photo BMW Special photo BMW Special photo

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