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BMW R68 Photos  

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BMW R68 Photo

BMW R68 from 1952. restored by Mr. Theo Terwel - Vorden, Holland for Mr. Maiorca Roberto - Torino, Italy. By courtesy of Boris Matkovic


Borisav Matkovic's restored R68


Borisav Matkovic's restored R68



Below are some photos of Roland Slabon's 1952 R68 ISDT, a project begun some 34 years ago with the purchase of the exhaust system. The rest then followed. The R68 flange body Dell'Ortos are numbered SSFF 27A, won't idle worth a damn (probably never made to idle) and I wish I had a tuning manual for them. May have to reinstall the original BINGs, which I had rebuilt just in case, and which were used to test and tune the bike before the Dell'Ortos were fitted.

Only the Rennsport/Hoske front brake has full width shoes, but they're stamped metal ones, not cast, and appear to be from a small car (Isetta, perhaps?).


1952 R68 ISDT Racer 1952 R68 ISDT Racer 1952 R68 ISDT Racer



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