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BMW Paint Codes


In Progress (Permanently!)

Whites Silvers Greys Reds Yellows Oranges/Golds Blacks Browns Blues Greens

Due to the large number of different Paint and Scheme Codes, I've had to split these into different sections in order for them to be downloadable in a reasonable time. Just click the link above.

Paint Codes can be very confusing: each colour has it's Paint Code number which may or may not be the same as the Scheme Code; the Scheme Code relates to the overall scheme (ie. Polaris with Stratos Silver paint and grey pinstripes). The Scheme Code is normally to be found somewhere under the seat on the rear mudguard.

Over 50% of the Colour codes now have colour thumbnail samples included - if you have a machine in a colour that isn't showing a sample, please let me have a photo of either the fuel tank or the complete machine, along with either the colour name or the paint or scheme code to help complete the selection.

Paint Codes are, I believe Glasurit and it is possible to search for details here

I've received information from Ken Osbourne that some of the later paints are not listed within BMW bike paint codes but can be found under their earlier car paint codes.....can't vouch for the accuracy of this tho.

If your paint code isn't listed here then I don't have the information.



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