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This site is a major and time consuming, on-going project and much is still 'In Progress'. It will all come together and updates will be regular as and when I have the time to transcribe and obtain the information so if the information that you're looking for isn't here yet, please be patient. If you have useful information or photo's etc, please mail it to me and it will be included as and when time is available. If you're sending photos of machines try to include as much information as possible such as model, year, colour and most importantly, the colour scheme number which can be found on the rear mudguard.

Apologies for all the advertising but it is essential to help with the costs of maintaining the website & forum

Please Note: I DO NOT sell parts or machines..

Please feel free to ask your questions on our Forum

We have many folk aboard who just love to share their knowledge in an attempt to help folk out and you can bask in the glow of a friendly welcome and a happy atmosphere.....

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There is no cost involved in using the Forum

BM Bikes Forum & The BM Riders Club

The success of the website over the last decade resulted in a sister Forum being launched in 2005 to help all of you to help each other and to reduce the volume of email requests for help.. The Forum has gradually matured into, what I believe, is one of the better BMW Forums around with, not only, large amounts of technical knowledge being freely shared but great attitudes, comradeship and humour. It's well worth visiting and, as always, costs nothing to use although you do need to register in order to be able to post or view most photos. The Forum can be found here: FORUM

The success and great people on the Forum resulted in a new BMW club, The BM Riders Club, being formed in 2006 and, although the new Club is independent of both this site and the Forum, an area is freely hosted for the Club within the Forum so Club stuff and technical stuff are all readily available at the same source. The Club is a relatively small but slowly growing entity with the same great attitudes as the Forum but with the addition of events around the country. Cost to join the BM Riders Club is minimal at only £14 a year and this gives you access to all Club events plus four e-Zines a year so why not become a member and give it a try. The Club website can be found here: WEBSITE and you can become a Club member by completing an application and on-line payment here: JOIN THE CLUB


Support BM Riders Club Member, Sam Manicom

Sam spent eight years travelling the world on his trusty R80G/S and these four books portray that journey along with it's excitement and it's dramas, it's highs and it's lows. These books are a superb read and Sam's unique riding style has you travelling with him.

As a taster Sam now has a short 15 minute excerpt of the first chapter of 'Into Africa' on-line and it's well worth a listen and really does leave you wanting more.. Just click the link below to listen

The books are available to purchase from Amazon but if you would like a signed copy then just order direct from Sam's own website below.



Times are changing and how/what we read are changing with those times. We've had constant requests to put my four adventure motorcycle travel books into e-book format - a surprising number in fact.

At first I was rather skeptical. I like the tactile feel of a paperback. But the more we looked into it, and had tryouts on such things as the Amazon Kindle, the more we became convinced that e-books are great for bikers. Also for commuting on the train or bus or for heading off on holiday.

So we’ve done it. All the books can now be downloaded from Amazon.

Why are e-books good for we motorcyclists? You can get somewhere in the region of 3,000 books onto an Amazon Kindle, for example – just think of the space saving! And if you have the right model you can also use it for browsing the web whilst on the road. Very handy for finding places to go or even places to stay when you are out ‘there’.

Read all about Sam's decision to put all of his works on e-books HERE

If you have access to chassis number listings that aren't currently on this site, please let me know.

Many thanks to all of you who continue to supply information and photos for inclusion on this site and to all of the visitors who visit to gain an insight into the wonderful world of BMW - it's the continuing popularity of this place that gives me the enthusiasm to continue building and maintaining the information but........the downside of the popularity and high usage is the cost of the bandwidth involved - it is becoming expensive. I will continue to maintain the site regardless but your donations would help - there is no obligation whatsoever but if you feel the site has been a help, you may just feel like leaving a small financial contribution to help with the maintenance. If you do, you can contribute by either PayPal or CC by using the PayPal button

We Support the BM Riders Club




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