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About This Site




The idea of this web site was born out of frustration; the frustration of not being able to find the information I wanted, when I wanted it. Have you ever tried to find that elusive detail regarding the BMW that you're in the middle of rebuilding? Have you ever tried to find details of the original colour scheme and pin striping of that R100S you're trying to restore to it's original glory? I have 'cos I service, repair and restore BMW's for a living and a restoration can be extremely frustrating when information isn't available!

Much of the information on this site can be obtained elsewhere if you're prepared to spend a lot of time searching but as far as I can discover, there is no one place where you can find it all - in fact colour schemes do not seem to appear anywhere and the rest can be very difficult to find.

The idea of this site is to bring all information together in one place so that all you BMW enthusiasts out there in Cyber Space can easily find the information you need. This is a long term project and much of this site is "In Progress" and is likely to be so for years to come as I do have a living to earn too and it is extremely time consuming finding and putting this information together! I have spent considerable time double checking the information that is included but cannot guarantee that all information is free of mistakes - if you spot any errors, please mail me and let me know.

Please help me to improve this site by sending any and all BMW motorcycle related information, photos etc that you may have but please ensure that what you send is not copyrighted to someone else or at least let me know if it is copyright so that I can ask the owner for permission to use it. If sending machine photos please try to include as much information as possible  (model, year, colour, scheme number etc. the colour scheme number can be found on the rear mudguard).

Your suggestions for links to appropriate sites will be much appreciated and all will be considered and included should I feel that they are appropriate. So....... please help by submitting links to your favourite BMW sites and by sending any relevant information or photo's you may have that aren't already included on this site.



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